SRO 33100 ROT 360 X-Ray Tube


SRO 33100 ROT 360 X-Ray Tube is a high performance glass/metal tube used for Radiographic/Fluoroscopy Systems, Surgery and other mobile applications. Here is a detailed list of specifications for this product :


X-Ray Tube Housing Assembly

Modality: Radiographic/Fluoroscopy Systems

REF/Model : 989000086101

SN : 34751A239203

Tube REF/Model : 980620670102

SN : 239203

Manufacture Details

Manufactured by : Philips Medical Systems

Country of Manufacture : Germany

Other Details

Permanent Filtration : 2,5 AI/75

Nominal Voltage : 150 kV

Certification : This product complies with the DHHS requirement of 21 CFR Sub-Chapter J.

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