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medical imaging parts guide

Guide to getting the highest value for your medical imaging parts

Are you getting the best price for your used medical imaging system? Here is a guide to getting the highest value when it comes to selling your used imaging system.

  • test-minClear pictures of whole system.
  • Photos of serial number labels and tags
  • Photos of handbooks or instruction books, software disks and other accessories.
  • System Usage information.
  • Replacement dates for any major components like x-ray tubes, digital detectors, etc.
  • Service records from your service institution.
  • A confirmation letter from your service organization stating:

“The date of manufacture, model, serial number of the system located at (current location), has been under continuous service contract since its original installation in (installation date) and if the service is OEM, in-house, or third-party. The system has received regular PM’s and is currently operating at OEM standards for performance and image quality.”

  • Names and Contact Numbers of in-house personnel acquainted with the system who could answer questions about its functionality and condition.
  • The original sale quotation or order/equipment specifications, if available.

Want to sell your used medical imaging systems? We are always in the market for x-ray parts systems, CT parts systems and other medical imaging parts. We will give you the highest value for your equipment. For more details regarding the process of selling the parts or systems, contact us or you can give us a call directly at 347-985-1679.Save


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