Pixium 4343F Detector


Pixium 4343F Detector is a multipurpose, large-format digital x-ray detector used for both radiography and fluoroscopy, with the largest coverage area in the market. It offers radiologists an all-digital real-time system as it generates high resolution images for both routine dynamic applications and high-end static ones.



Here is a list of features of this real-time digital imaging solution :

  • It performs X-ray exams (bones, lungs), or to carry out fluoroscopic exams for gastroenterology, urology or vascular. The detector delivers a high quality all-digital image for each type of application.
  • Digital technology facilitates the work of X-ray technicians and speeds up the process, allowing medical centers to optimise patient throughput.
  • This solution generates high-quality images for both fluoroscopy (up to 30 images/second) and radiography applications.
  • With its format (17″ x 17″), the 4343F offers the largest coverage area in the market. So, it can easily be used for lung and pelvic exams.
  • This detector is based on the clinically proven Pixium® CsI scintillator and it offers outstanding X-ray absorption and reduced exposure to the patient while ensuring top-quality digital images.

Pixium 4343F Detector

The detailed specifications are given below :

Model : 451213449781
Part Number : 62490768
Serial Number : 1527MF


Manufactured by : Trixell
Year of Manufacture : 2015/08
Country of Manufacture : France

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