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Nowadays, computers are widely used to obtain high resolution images in the medical imaging field as all the modern methods of scanning and imaging are largely based on the computer technology. Many surgical machines utilize small, yet powerful computer systems to record and monitor surgical procedures. Not only that, many clinical imaging processes, like X-rays, CT scans, radiography, fluoroscopy, etc., are conducted and examined with the help of these computers.
PhiGEM Parts has tons of field tested computers for diagnostic imaging equipments.

dell2 xw82002

Here are a list of available computers in our inventory :

  • Philips Easy Diagnost Eleva DRF
  • GE Optima XR220
  • Siemens Fluorospot Compact
  • GE Senographe
  • GE Revolution XR/d
  • GE Advantx LCA
  • GE Advantx DLX
  • Philips Allura xPer FD20
  • Philips Secura
  • Lunar Prodigy Advance
  • Philips Digital Diagnost
  • GE Senographe DMR 2000D
  • GE Optima XR220
  • GE Innova 2000
  • Philips Brilliance 16 Air

And dozens of computers are available in stock. Browse our parts table and find the computer for
your medical imaging equipment. If you have any queries regarding replacement computers, contact us or directly call us at (347) 985-1679.

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