MX8000 Dual EXP for Philips Gemini Dual


MX8000 Dual EXP System is a versatile CT X-Ray system that is capable of producing cross-sectional images of the body by the use of computer reconstruction of x-ray transmission data. It is a dual-slice CT scanner designed to optimize clinical performance. In fact, this air-cooled CT system is also used to perform a wide range of multi-slice scanning techniques. Here is a list of detailed specifications for this part :

X-Ray Tube Assembly

X-Ray THA Type : DU 5008
X-Ray THA SN : 49498
Tube Type : 0.5X1.3 IEC 60336
Tube SN : 1.0X1.3 IEC 60336
Nominal Voltage : 140 KV


MX8000_Dual_EXP img_8334-min


Details of Manufacture

Manufactured by : Philips Medical Systems
Date of Manufacture : March 2010
Country of Manufacture : USA

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