MRC 600 Tube


MRC 600 Tube is a long-lasting x-ray equipment of CT scanner from Philips’ Brilliance product line. This exceptional tube is used to dissipate heat as it is collected. It is also known as air cooling tube. Along with a conventional design, this medical equipment also has an effective heat storage capacity. Read below to know about the specifications of this product :
Brand : Philips
Date of Manufacture : December 2016


Model : PHILIPS MRC 600
REF : 9890 000 85892


Model : MRC 600
REF : 9890 000 85881


Technical specs

Nominal Voltage : 140 kV
Permanent Filtration : 1,1 AL/75
Minimum required total filtration : 2,5 mm Al
Certification : This product complies with the DHHS requirement of 21 CFR Sub-chapter J.
Price : $62K – 120 days prorated warranty – Exchange
This x-ray tube is harvested from a scanner that was never turned on.
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