Jenn Basso from Bay Shore Medical

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Hi! My name is Jenn and I have been a huge fan of PhiGEM’s Phabulous Phriday e-mails and I just had to be part of it. So here goes some Phun Phacts about me! I was born in California and raised in sunny Florida. While in Florida I received my certification as an Ultrasound Tech. In 2014 my husband Joe (a New York Native) and I decided to move our family here to Long Island. Even though New York still scares me, I have embraced the fast-paced lifestyle. I have two little boys who in my opinion are the cutest most amazing little guys ever to exist. When I can miraculously find some free time I am either at the Cider House or out east at the vineyards (actually anywhere I can find a good glass of wine).
During my weekdays you can find me working as the Inside Sales Representative specializing in X-ray, C-arms & R/F room sales at Bay Shore Medical. Bay Shore Medical has been one of the industry’s largest buyers of imaging equipment for over 18 years. My bosses have created a laid back environment where it doesn’t always feel like work and you genuinely enjoy being there.

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