GE Wireless Flashpad Detector

Flashpad Detector

GE wireless flashpad detector provides the flexibility, reliability and advanced imaging capabilities to X ray.  It is designed for digital use. Flashpad has large square surface which helps in capturing additional coverage. It has 2 handles which provide the great and secure grip.

It helps you in enabling image of patients faster than CR and helps in transferring reliable data with ultra-wideband connectivity.


Pixcel Calliberation Optima GE

Benefits of flashpad detector:

  • Easy shareability that maximize investment.
  • Connect seamlessly for secure and fast data transfer.
  • GE Flashpad Detector produces high image quality and DQE at low radiation dose levels.

PhiGEM Parts has added GE Wireless Flashpad Detector in its inventory of medical imaging replacement parts. For more information regarding Detector, feel free to contact us or give us a call directly at 347-985-1679.




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