DL7 and RTAC7 Processor


DL7 Processor

DL7 Processor is helpful for the functioning of your Innova System. This processor is widely used for storing the studies performed on system and displaying images on the monitor. It is mainly Used on GE Innova 2100IQ/3100IQ/4100IQ. Here is a list of detailed specification for DL7 processor :

Part Number : 5179230
SN : TCA0176135 Ver : 02
Part Descriptor : DL7 Processor
Modality : Cath/Angio

DL7_processor processor
Manufacture Details

Manufactured by : GE Medical Systems
Year of Manufacture : 2007
Country of Manufacture : Taiwan

RTAC7 Processor

RTAC7 Processor is a processor used on GE Innova 2100IQ/3100IQ/4100IQ system. Here are the specifications for this processor :

Part Number : 5179821
Part Descriptor : RTAC7 Processor
Modality : Cath/Angio
Manufactured by : GE Medical Systems

RTAC7 Processor

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