58″ EIZO GE Cath Lab Monitor

Eizo Cath Lab Monitor

A large 58″ EIZO GE Cath Lab Monitor enables a new dimension in medical imaging. It is used where multiple images need to be displayed simultaneously. It provides the flexibility to arrange different screen layout, important images can be scaled to the desired size. The monitor can display 8 megapixels of high-resolution.

Features of 58″ EIZO RadiForce: Eizo Cath Lab Set

  • Allow the user to view all information on a single screen.
  • Comfortable View from Any Angle
  • Quick Brightness Stabilization for Instant Viewing
  • Ensure Diagnostic Precision
  • Maintain the Precision over time
  • Ensure Continued Operation
  • Work Safely with Minimal Picture Delay
  • Keep Your Monitor Lit Longer
  • Steady Images Across the Screen
  • Conveniently installed in operating rooms

The detailed specifications are given below :

Item: RadiForce LS580W GE

Model: 5496367

Serial No: HXF7001272

P/N: 6GF6200-8AB03

Country of Manufacture: Germany

RadiForce LS580W Eizo Cath Lab Monitor


Model: 5412223

Serial No: HXF9001376

P/N: 6GF6020-3AC00


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