MRC 200 0407 ROT-GS 1004 Tube

 August 31st 2018

MRC 200 0407 Rot GS-1004 Tube is x-ray tube used for Philips Cath/Angiography Systems. This x-ray tube is the most important component in the imaging equipment. Here is a list of detailed specification for this MRC x-ray tube : Part Number : 9890 000 80071 / 9890 000 85102 Modality : Cath/Angio Manufacture Details Manufactured … Continue reading MRC 200 0407 ROT-GS 1004 Tube
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Innova 3100 Detector

 August 17th 2018

Innova 3100 detector is a 31 cm digital detector used for GE Innova 3100 catheterization/angiographic systems. It provides excellent cardiac, vascular and neurological imaging. Apart from that, this detector is responsible for consistently high imaging performance to meet clinical and diagnostic imaging needs. Here is a complete list of specifications for this product : Description … Continue reading Innova 3100 Detector
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