CSIII Control Grip NICOL

 June 29th 2018

CSIII Control Grip NICOL – a digital diagnost used for Radiographic and Fluoroscopy Systems. Here is a detailed list of specifications for this product : Part No. : 4512-201-06151 SN : 12440317 Modality : Radiographic/Fluoroscopy Systems Certification : This product complies with the DHHS requirements of 21 CFR Sub-Chapter J. Manufacture Details Manufactured by : Philips … Continue reading CSIII Control Grip NICOL
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Need a computer? PhiGEM has it!

 June 22nd 2018

Nowadays, computers are widely used to obtain high resolution images in the medical imaging field as all the modern methods of scanning and imaging are largely based on the computer technology. Many surgical machines utilize small, yet powerful computer systems to record and monitor surgical procedures. Not only that, many clinical imaging processes, like X-rays, … Continue reading Need a computer? PhiGEM has it!
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SRO 33100 ROT 360 X-Ray Tube

 June 16th 2018

SRO 33100 ROT 360 X-Ray Tube is a high performance glass/metal tube used for Radiographic/Fluoroscopy Systems, Surgery and other mobile applications. Here is a detailed list of specifications for this product :   X-Ray Tube Housing Assembly Modality: Radiographic/Fluoroscopy Systems REF/Model : 989000086101 SN : 34751A239203 Tube REF/Model : 980620670102 SN : 239203 Manufacture Details … Continue reading SRO 33100 ROT 360 X-Ray Tube
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Pixium 4343F Detector

 June 8th 2018

Pixium 4343F Detector is a multipurpose, large-format digital x-ray detector used for both radiography and fluoroscopy, with the largest coverage area in the market. It offers radiologists an all-digital real-time system as it generates high resolution images for both routine dynamic applications and high-end static ones.   Here is a list of features of this … Continue reading Pixium 4343F Detector
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MindRay DC-8

 June 6th 2018

  MindRay DC-8 Console Ultrasound Machine is a standalone solution for all cardiac examinations. It provides crystal image quality with a user friendly interface. It is a shared service machine used for abdominal, OB/GYN, cardiovascular, small parts, urology, vascular, orthopedics and emergency medicine imaging applications. This high-performance ultrasound system also offers advanced features for cardiology … Continue reading MindRay DC-8
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Juno DRF

 June 1st 2018

  Juno DRF is a single unit for all your digital radiography/fluoroscopy needs.It is basically a 2-in-1 system for digital radiography and fluoroscopy which enables you to perform a vast range of digital X-ray applications. With its dual imaging mode and open access design, it enhances room utilization with a faster workflow and increased patient … Continue reading Juno DRF
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