MRC 600 Tube

 February 23rd 2018

MRC 600 Tube is a long-lasting x-ray equipment of CT scanner from Philips’ Brilliance product line. This exceptional tube is used to dissipate heat as it is collected. It is also known as air cooling tube. Along with a conventional design, this medical equipment also has an effective heat storage capacity. Read below to know … Continue reading MRC 600 Tube
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Medrad Mark V ProVis Angio Injector System (Complete)

 February 16th 2018

Medrad Mark V ProVis is a reliable system with some enhanced features in “Mark” series of microprocessor-controlled Angiographic Injection Systems. It comes with a mechanical stop that automatically sets and locks to physically limit an injection to the selected volume. This system includes : Injector head w/heater Injector console Injector control box Here is a … Continue reading Medrad Mark V ProVis Angio Injector System (Complete)
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Innova 4100 Detector

 February 9th 2018

Innova 4100 Detector is a 41 cm digital detector for GE Innova 4100 catheterization/angiographic systems. It is a flat panel detector and used as an interventional radiology equipment. This detector provides the largest field of view for high-quality images with faster exam times. Check out the list of specifications for this product : Model Number … Continue reading Innova 4100 Detector
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GE Essential Mammo’s (and more!!)

 February 8th 2018

GE Senographe Essential Unit 1 (2015) and GE Senographe Essential Unit 2 (2015) GE Senographe Essential is a digital mammography system that performs a wide variety of breast procedures and various advanced diagnostic procedures. This upgradeable platform offers the remarkable flexibility needed for expanded performance. Besides all that, it helps detect and characterize mammographic findings. … Continue reading GE Essential Mammo’s (and more!!)
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