What Our Customers Think About Us

 September 2nd 2019

At PhiGEM we place the highest level of importance on providing expeditious customer service, the delivery of quality products and working alongside you to appease the end user. We request feedback after all of our transactions. We’re pleased to provide a summary of the results. The summary is unfiltered and covers every survey since January … Continue reading What Our Customers Think About Us
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Where is customer service today?

 April 22nd 2019

I visited an Italian restaurant with my family this past weekend and we had an absolutely horrible experience with the waitress. So as not to get too much judgment from my readers on what I’m about to say, let me preface with the disclaimer that I’m typically a very good tipper. My minimum is 20% … Continue reading Where is customer service today?
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Medical Imaging Parts

Anode and Cathode Power Modules

 October 10th 2019

PhiGEM Parts brings both anode and cathode power modules for the Philips Brilliance Air 6/10/16/40/64 slice scanners in its inventory of medical imaging replacement parts. Here is a detailed specification for these power modules : Anode Power Module Part Number : 405794012 Model : Anode Power Module, X3338 Model No. : 453567028511 Manufacturer : Philips … Continue reading Anode and Cathode Power Modules
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56″ Philips Cardiovascular Monitor

 September 24th 2019

Philips Cardiovascular Monitor provides tiny details of complex cardiovascular anatomy more easily. It is a full-color 56″- LCD display for the interventional suite that lets you flexibly view multiple images from different sources, for specific interventions. Model: 991932282031 S/N: AN001137000069 V: 100-240 ~ Hz: 50/60 A: 2.5-5.5 IP21 MANUFACTURE DETAILS Manufactured by: Phillips Country of … Continue reading 56″ Philips Cardiovascular Monitor
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Professional Industry Members

Karen Fiallos, Newest Member of the PhiGEM Phamily

 July 17th 2019

Hey! My name is Karen – I joined the PhiGEM phamily to cover for Amanda during her mommy bonding time with ‘baby Popcorn.’ Before starting PhiGEM, I was finishing my degree in Business Administration. I am fortunate to have found the opportunity to join PhiGEM rather quickly upon returning to the workforce. The culture here … Continue reading Karen Fiallos, Newest Member of the PhiGEM Phamily
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Barry Feldman, from International X-Ray Brokers (IXB)

 March 13th 2019

Hi, my Name is Barry Feldman and I am currently working with the President and my father Robert Feldman of International X-Ray Brokers in taking over the family own and operated business. Founded in 1987, International X-Ray Brokers (IXB) has been a family owned and operated business. We operate with the most current technology. Our … Continue reading Barry Feldman, from International X-Ray Brokers (IXB)
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