Philips Monitor Available!

 July 20th 2018

56″ Carrot Monitor for Philips Cath and Vascular Labs 56-inch carrot monitor is a medical imaging equipment used in Philips Cath and Vascular labs for enhanced visualization in various clinical imaging processes. It is used to obtain sharper images than standard high-definition monitors. Lenovo Configuration Laptop Lenovo configuration laptop(built with advanced technology) acts as a … Continue reading Philips Monitor Available!
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MX8000 Dual EXP for Philips Gemini Dual

 July 13th 2018

MX8000 Dual EXP System is a versatile CT X-Ray system that is capable of producing cross-sectional images of the body by the use of computer reconstruction of x-ray transmission data. It is a dual-slice CT scanner designed to optimize clinical performance. In fact, this air-cooled CT system is also used to perform a wide range … Continue reading MX8000 Dual EXP for Philips Gemini Dual
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